Empire of Nordone


Forbidden Enchantment

forbidden (1)Sidhe cannot lie. Yet Cedric lies about everything from being happy to being human. Hiding his true appearance with glamor runes, he’s managed to live quietly among humans for nearly fifty years. But as he journeys to the capital at the behest of the empress, a chance encounter with the first dragon to be seen in a thousand years threatens to reveal all his secrets.

Talfryn commits a taboo every time he leaves the mountains. Yet for an outcast, long banished from the dragons’ last city, taboos are trifles. He’s more interested in acquiring items for his hoard. Drawn by the scent of a rare enchantment, he’ll risk everything, including his freedom, to find the source.

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Idiot Mage & Sassy Stallion

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Idiot MageTier’ghan Trolde ran from everything. Responsibilities, jealous would-be lovers, debt collectors but most of all from the knowledge he is a failure as a mage. Where his fellow graduates had secure positions at various holdings and were amassing their fortunes he was a wandering wretch without even a paladin to protect him. He’d started out well enough until word spread about the uncanny nature of his spell casting. The core of the spell would be true but there were always unexpected consequences. But a lone mage is most often a dead mage.

Without a paladin to protect him, every person he meets could be the last.

The last thing Quenoor needs is an idiot mage to look after. He’s got more than enough problems of his own. But when the charming red-head ends up on the wrong end of a knife it is up to Quenoor to save his sorry hide. Maybe having a mage around won’t be so bad, they might even figure out why the horse they stole can talk and seems to think it is actually a 2000-year-old knight of a long-gone empire.

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