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Sorrow’s Fall: Digital Edition

Currently only available in print, I am looking to make Sorrow’s Fall an e-book.  While I personally will read anything I can get my hands on whether digital or print, I know some people are more comfortable with one format or another.  So, I’d like your thoughts on this.

Top 20 Ways to …

Top 20 Ways to Generate Plot Ideas   1.     The What-if Game 2.     Titles 3.     The List 4.     Issues 5.     See It 6.     Hear It 7.     Character First 8.     Stealing From the Best 9.     Flipping a Genre 10.   Predict a Trend 11.   Noodling the Newspaper 12.   Research 13.   “What I Really Want to Write About is . . .” 14.   Obsession 15.   Opening Lines 16.   Write a Prologue 17.   The Mind Map 18.   Socko Ending 19.   Occupations 20.   Desperation… Read more Top 20 Ways to …

All things end and so . . . a new beginning.

With a new secular job and what I thought was little time to write I decided to revamp things a bit.  Instead of creating a website basically from scratch, I decided this would be a more effective use of my time.  I can focus on my writing and not on the code in which to put said writing. And so, here I am.  I hope you enjoy watching my twisted version of the writing process take place.  Oh and if you haven’t read Sorrow’s Fall yet.  Please do.  I think… Read more All things end and so . . . a new beginning.