The Daggers of Ariyon Series

The Jeweled Dagger

A disgraced spy. A rookie captain. Trusting the wrong person will get them killed.

Orandon is poised for technological revolution, but the Kingdom hovers on the edge of bankruptcy. As spymaster, Lafayette helps the Queen negotiate the delicate balance of loyalties at Court. But his last mission was a failure. Now he is forced to work with the new Captain of the Queen’s Guard—a man he would happily murder. Instead, he must swallow his pride, follow the Queen’s orders and pray his mistakes haven’t doomed them all.

Captain Jasper Stanton is clueless. A week into a rank he knows he doesn’t deserve, he’s faced with the most infuriating—and captivating—person he’s ever met. Lafayette holds the key to finding a mysterious informant who could uncover the conspirators. But can Jasper gain Lafayette’s trust before the assassins strike?


Bursting with fast paced action, smoldering romance and deadly court intrigues, this first installment of The Daggers of Ariyon series will have you up reading all night.


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Spymaster Lafayette Goddard

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