How to Write with Diversity

How to Write with Diversity Workshop1

This 4-week workshop is devoted to helping you overcome internalized bias and see the opportunities for diversity in your writing. With an intensive focus on writing diverse characters with accuracy, respect, and honesty attendees will learn how to overcome internalized bias, avoid problematic tropes and stereotypes, and develop a diverse cast of characters. The workshop focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity and will not address racial diversity as Bran is white and does not wish to stray from their lane.

The workshop includes four 1-hour lectures, worksheets, access to a private forum for posting assignments, and one-on-one help from Bran.

The workshop will be from July 1-29th this year and is $50 to attend. The first lecture will be Sunday, July 1st, time TBA. All lectures will be archived and will be available after the workshop.

The topics are as follows:

  • Week One: Recognizing and Overcoming Internalized Bias
  • Week Two: When to Avoid Tropes and Stereotypes
  • Week Three: Developing Your Diverse Cast
  • Week Four: Developing Your Diverse Cast Part 2: The Story

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