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The Jeweled Dagger Cover  Spymaster Lafayette Goddard knows better than to trust anyone in their line of work. Now they sit in prison with information that could save the Queen yet they cannot bring themselves to trust the new Captain. Even if it means losing everything they’ve worked so hard for.

All Captain Jasper Stanton ever wanted was a chance to prove himself. Mistakenly imprisoning Lafayette isn’t how he planned on distinguishing himself. Now he must try to win the former spy’s respect if he wants cooperation investigating the conspiracy. The secret to finding out who is plotting to kill the Queen lies with Lafayette’s mysterious informant known only as the Jeweled Dagger.

The closer Jasper gets to Lafayette, the more he wonders just how much is being hidden from him.

Short Stories

Silver Peacock Pearl

Independence has always been Pearl’s dream. As the only daughter of the wealthy and powerful Madam Evel Jorde, she fears her life will be spent overseeing her mother’s brothels. When she sees an opening to escape and start her own business she jumps at the chance. But things are never quite as expected, and realizing a dream often comes with hidden consequences.



larimar cover-01

It has been months since Larissa stumbled into the Silver Peacock, mourning the loss of her child and her lover. She’s slowly been finding a measure of solace working for Pearl, but when the chance to return home comes along she must decide where she truly belongs.