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Thief Scene Breakdown Prologue: The Drop

Video games are a unique medium. They combine the storytelling of a novel and the look of a movie with the ability to interact with the character and story line. This makes for a unique challenge for the creators. Not only must the characters be compelling and the story line exciting but it has to challenge the player with ever more difficult levels and … Read More Thief Scene Breakdown Prologue: The Drop

When All Else Fails-Improvise

I’m a person¬†of simple tastes. Specific yes, but simple. Engage my mind. Make me feel. And don’t skimp on the aesthetics. Thief delivers on all three. Much like Garrett delivers the (stolen) goods. He doesn’t disappoint and neither does this game. ¬†Mostly. Now, this is not a game play review. There are tons of those. This one is really good and fair and I … Read More When All Else Fails-Improvise