Writing FUNdamentals

Top 20 Ways to …

Top 20 Ways to Generate Plot Ideas


1.     The What-if Game
2.     Titles
3.     The List
4.     Issues
5.     See It
6.     Hear It
7.     Character First
8.     Stealing From the Best
9.     Flipping a Genre
10.   Predict a Trend
11.   Noodling the Newspaper
12.   Research
13.   “What I Really Want to Write About is . . .”
14.   Obsession
15.   Opening Lines
16.   Write a Prologue

17.   The Mind Map

18.   Socko Ending

19.   Occupations
20.   Desperation

Thought this list might come in handy when brainstorming.  Will be handing it out at the panels I host  ^^

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