Mundane Issues

you-are-not-a-duckIf anything is guaranteed in life, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. You have to eek out time to write, and time for more mundane activities like cleaning and pretending to be a functioning adult. This week has been full of irritating mundane issues for me, which is why I’m having to put off my next Going Over the Rainbow article for a bit.

I won’t bore you with the details of my circumstances but I do hope to be back as soon as possible.

Here is a fun video that’s been helping me get through this week. ^_^

The Jeweled Dagger CoverSpymaster Lafayette Goddard knows better than to trust anyone in their line of work. Now they sit in prison with information that could save the Queen yet they cannot bring themselves to trust the new Captain of the Royal Guard. Even if it means losing everything they’ve worked so hard for.

All Captain Jasper Stanton ever wanted was a chance to prove himself. Mistakenly imprisoning Lafayette isn’t how he planned on distinguishing himself. Now he must try to win the former spy’s respect if he wants cooperation investigating the conspiracy.

The secret to finding out who is plotting to kill the Queen lies with Lafayette’s mysterious informant known only as the Jeweled Dagger. The closer Jasper gets to Lafayette, the more he wonders just how much is being hidden from him.

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How do you handle situations when finding time to write seems impossible? Do you have suggestions for allotting time for writing when you’re not at home and cannot follow your normal schedule?

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2 thoughts on “Mundane Issues

  1. I don’t write near as much as I would like to. I bought a hard bound journal and keep it with me. If I imagine a line of dialog or some witty remark, I write it down and save it for when I have time to put a complete thought together.

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