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Cover Reveal: Forbidden Enchantment

It’s finally here! The cover for my fantasy Forbidden Enchantment. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this story and these characters. While it still features many things you’ve come to expect from my writing, it’s also a little bit of a departure from my normal style, but in a good way.

Inspired by a prompt and the urge to write high fantasy that isn’t set in quasi-Medieval Europe Forbidden Enchantment is a fantasy with a bit of a twist. It features many queer characters including both protagonists. Here is an unofficial blurb for you:

Sidhe cannot lie. Yet Cedric does it every day. Lying about everything from being happy to being human. Hiding his true appearance with glamor runes, he’s managed to live quietly among humans for nearly fifty years. Now, he’s headed for the capital of the Empire at the request of the Empress. A chance meeting with the first dragon to be seen in a thousand years threatens to reveal everything he’s kept hidden.

Talfryn breaks taboo everytime he leaves the mountains. Yet for an outcast, long banished from the dragons’ last city, taboos are trifles. He’s more interested in getting items for his hoard. This means taking risks, including battling knights to get their enchanted shields. Drawn by the scent of a rare enchantment he’ll risk everything, including his freedom, to find the source.

Forbidden Enchantment will be coming soon from Less Than Three Press. I’ll keep you updated on release dates. ^_^


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