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Non-Traditional Hero Part 2: Whipping Up an Atypical Hero in Five Easy Steps

Building a character is a lot like making a cake. Except you don’t want just a basic yellow cake, you want layers and frosting and all the fun stuff that makes cake great. The point is we start with a base, but we don’t stay there. That’s boring. Spice it up. Experiment, see what flavors work well together and which ones don’t. So, let’s get cooking.

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The Non-Traditional Hero: Part One

What is a traditional hero? Often in fiction, especially romance, the hero is what is termed an alpha male, which I discussed in last week’s post. The often hypermasculine and overly sexualized characters (male and female) in media, while popular, are becoming cliche. So what makes a non-traditional hero? First let’s break down what a hero is and what makes them a hero.