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Non-Traditional Hero Part 3: Character Flaws and One Stop for Writers

Eeesh, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write a post. Sorry about that. Having a chronic illness and being a single parent can really flatten you sometimes.  So, on with the post! Last time we talked about developing a non-traditional hero.  We discussed how archetypes are useful as a basis for creating a character and how to add traits and goals to … Read More Non-Traditional Hero Part 3: Character Flaws and One Stop for Writers

Non-Traditional Hero Part 2: Whipping Up an Atypical Hero in Five Easy Steps

Building a character is a lot like making a cake. Except you don’t want just a basic yellow cake, you want layers and frosting and all the fun stuff that makes cake great. The point is we start with a base, but we don’t stay there. That’s boring. Spice it up. Experiment, see what flavors work well together and which ones don’t.

So, let’s get cooking.

The Non-Traditional Hero: Part One

What is a traditional hero? Often in fiction, especially romance, the hero is what is termed an alpha male, which I discussed in last week’s post. The often hypermasculine and overly sexualized characters (male and female) in media, while popular, are becoming cliche.

So what makes a non-traditional hero?

First let’s break down what a hero is and what makes them a hero.

The Alpha Character Role and Mad Max

The Alpha Character Archetype gets a lot of hype. Especially in romance, er well in most genres. I personally find it very cliche and it is something I avoid. But why, you ask? Let me explain. The Alpha Character Archetype Most of the time when you mention an alpha male people immediately think of wolves. This is both unfortunate and scientifically incorrect. Wolves do … Read More The Alpha Character Role and Mad Max