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Free Comic Book Day Fun and a New Series

Silver Peacock Pearl

Yesterday I had the very fun priviledge of being a guest artist at a local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day. I don’t often get a chance to talk with prospective readers … or people in general, so yesterday was a bit out of my comfort zone. That being said, I had a fabulous time. The local graphic artist I sat beside was not only talented but very interesting to talk to as well. Our range of subjects was pretty intense, from art and what it means to be an artist, to feminism and religion all the way to video games. It was fabulous and I plan to keep in contact with him. I also had the chance to meet a couple of people from the community, in particular one lovely young trans woman. We got to talking and I told her about my new series The Silver Peacock and how it will explore the whole spectrum of gender and orientation. To see her face light up when I told her there were trans men and women in the stories made my day.

This is one big reason why I am writing these stories. Not only do I love the characters and all their quirks, I know there are people out there who have never read a story with a character like themselves. My greatest hope is that people will read these and not only be entertained but find characters who they can relate with.

With that I’d like to introduce the first of the series: Pearl. Below is a short excerpt. You can find the full novella on Amazon for Kindle.

Pearl stared up at the dilapidated building. The three story house had once been grand, the fluted columns and ornate shutters on the large windows spoke to that. But like a once popular courtesan the years had done their damage; weathered wood showed under peeling paint, shutters hung from rusted hinges and only a few windows still had any glass. In some ways it reminded her of the woman waiting next to her. At one time beautiful and popular, now faded and clinging to the past.

“Just how old is this dump?” She turned to look at Evel Jorde. Her mother was tall and imposing. The years were just starting to settle over her, a spider’s web of fine lines showing around her eyes and mouth, the once white-blonde hair now more snowy than golden. The dress was carefully chosen to complement her coloring and enhance the slender figure. Pearl had her mother’s height, blonde hair and the same slim build but so far little of her ruthlessness, or so she liked to think.

My other short story The Regular is also available on Kindle.

The Regular Cover

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