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Book Review: Rapunzel’s Surrender by Jacinta Laurenti

  She is queen and a widow, and an invading army is approaching the castle. The enemy covets the mountain of gold buried under the fortress, and many of the queen’s subjects have fled. As a bitter wind sweeps over the castle walls and whispers to the queen, a stranger arrives at the gate begging to be allowed in. She’s injured, but Rapunzel recognizes … Read More Book Review: Rapunzel’s Surrender by Jacinta Laurenti

Just Your Average Everyday Romance

Yes, it’s Upworthy. Chill. I liked this because this is exactly why I am writing stuff like The Jeweled Dagger and The Silver Peacock series. I want to read about people like me and I know there are a lot of us out there who want the same. We deserve amazing adventures featuring characters who are as real and vibrant as we are. I’m … Read More Just Your Average Everyday Romance

Free Comic Book Day Fun and a New Series

Yesterday I had the very fun priviledge of being a guest artist at a local comic book shop for Free Comic Book Day.

New Short Story: The Regular

Read the latest short story by Bran Lindy Ayres, available on Amazon for Kindle. All Gentry Devlin wants is to bartend and flirt with the gorgeous bouncer, but some people won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Support me on Patreon for exclusive content, free books, invitations to private events and many other perks! Help me reach my goals to educate and inform my local community.