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Live by the Sword

I watched a movie today.  One I had wanted to see back in September, but alas I do not live in Japan and it was not released outside the country.  Mores the pity.  Its an excellent movie with an engaging cast and a powerful story line.  And it happens to be based on one of my favorite anime. It follows the story of a … Read More Live by the Sword

I’m Cosplaying a Responsible Adult

This past weekend I attended an anime convention in Tulsa called Tokyo in Tulsa.  Official stats are not out yet, be I’m guessing there were at least 4000+ attendees over the three day weekend.  For those of you not familiar with Japanese anime, I highly recommend you check it out.  There is literally something for everyone in every age group. At Tokyo in Tulsa … Read More I’m Cosplaying a Responsible Adult