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What Writers Can Learn from Deadpool

Be un-apologetically you.   Know what sets you apart from the crowd.   You aren’t always going to win, and that’s okay.   Never lose your sense of humor. Don’t forget your bag of guns tools. Always be ready to help your fellow writer. Maximum Effort … or something like that.  

Going Over the Rainbow: The Trope Trap

  All joking aside, accountability is something that professionals of any discipline face. Even us writers. Yes, you read that right. You, my dear writer, are accountable to your reader. Well yes, you say, I should give them the best story I can write. Yes you should, but it goes beyond that too. If you’ve written for long you’ve probably ended up having to … Read More Going Over the Rainbow: The Trope Trap

The Owl and the Raven

“The great destroyers of nations and men are comfort, plenty and security. A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on. ”     – unknown “We make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars: as if we were villains by necessity; fools by heavenly compulsion.” – William Shakespeare The Owl Heroes rarely surprise us.  They … Read More The Owl and the Raven

Its a Supernatural World After All

This past week I took my girl friend to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.  She’s been reading the books.  I have not. Other than a vague idea that it involved demons and demon hunters I knew nothing about the storyline.    Apparently, this was a good thing since a lot of fans of the books are outraged at the changes made.  Wait, … Read More Its a Supernatural World After All

It’s My Fandom, Get Your Money Grubbing Hands Off.

As you know, I am a huge geek.  I love my fandoms.  I especially love fan fiction. There is something raw and visceral about a lot of fan fiction and I don’t just mean the horrid grammar, atrocious spelling and lack of knowledge of basic english.  No, it’s the willingness to push characters and situations to their very limits.  Yes technically it is copyright … Read More It’s My Fandom, Get Your Money Grubbing Hands Off.

It’s Not Always About Love, but Sometimes It Should Be

Why Supernatural Should Take it a Step Further I’ve recently joined a new fandom (yes another one, what can I say).  I was reluctant at first.  It didn’t seem like it was going to be my thing.  I’m more of a robots and time travel type girl and this is more vampire and holy water stuff.  For the record I hate vampires.  All vampires … Read More It’s Not Always About Love, but Sometimes It Should Be

Live by the Sword

I watched a movie today.  One I had wanted to see back in September, but alas I do not live in Japan and it was not released outside the country.  Mores the pity.  Its an excellent movie with an engaging cast and a powerful story line.  And it happens to be based on one of my favorite anime. It follows the story of a … Read More Live by the Sword

Kill Me Softly

This is how I remember first meeting Boba Fett.  He was mysterious, dangerous and didn’t back down from one of the meanest villains in any genre.  It was love at first sight.  Then came the prequels.  The utter horror and dismay on my part as one of my all time favorite characters was reduced to a mere clone has stuck with me for years … Read More Kill Me Softly

Lost Souls

So, this past week I have rekindled an old flame . . .-er fandom.  I don’t know how many of you ever watched the original Tron (1982) but as a teen in the 90s I fell in love with the Grid and everything associated with it.  Jeff Bridges,  Bruce Boxleitner and Tron himself.  I was stoked when Tron: Legacy came out in 2010.  Loved it … Read More Lost Souls